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• 4/19/2015


I'm InoriAizawa, one of the admins on this wiki. It's very nice to meet you! I have a few rules and regulations before you get you're editing on!

First: If you are going to upload screenshots, please upload them WITHOUT subtitles on the image. You can easily download the raws and upload the screenshots just as easily or disable the subtitles while watching. Any pictures with subtitles on them will be replaced.

Second: Please use American English. I know some people live outside of America and that's fine, but the main percentage of Wikia's traffic is from America. I asked the founder and she said to use American English. You can help contribute to that by either fixing the mistakes yourself or telling me or another admin about it.

Third: Don't create a wiki page unless you have enough information on the specified item. For example, don't create a page for a new episode of the anime unless it's already been released and a tile is out. Don't hesitate to add stubs to articles if you feel like they need them, be be warned, I will check every edit made to make sure it is beneficial to the wiki.

Fourth: Never drag out an argument to the point where the user leaves the wiki. If you are having issues, please send me a message on my message board. If you think the issue is very severe, please send me an email instead of a message or do both.

Fifth: Have fun and respect the admins. Tips of advice are not to undo admin edits. Admins almost always know what their doing.

If you need any help with anything, please send me a message. Don't feel awkard, just ask!


"With great power comes great responsibility."

- Voltaire

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• 4/23/2015

Also, can we stop putting hyperlinks for Banded Rocking Records until we can make a page for them? That would be nice.

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