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Japanese Name
Romanized Name A
English Name A
Gender Female
Height 160cm
Birthday August 25
B/W/H 90/60/90
Band Tsurezure
Instrument "Guitar" Shamisen
First Appearance
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Saori Hayami

A (?) is one of the member of the band Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan .


A was born and raised as a samurai on Far East of the country.


A has pale-skin and orange-ish eyes with really long, dull brown hair pulled into a ponytail held by a red rope with two small gold pieces attached to it, along with a pin. She has orange ears and a short fox tail. 

Her outfit resembles a kimono and consists of dark blue material with gold designs to match the suspenders-style dress over it. The coloring in each sleeve is red and is held with tiny red bows to match the material tied on her upper right shoulder. Around her waist is a dark blue band with gold accenting and leaf. She wears plain, pale brown toed sandals with white straps with a pair of dark blue socks ends below the knee with red string. White ruffled material sticks out from her skirt. 


A likes to train and doesn't like to be idle.


Un is her childhood friend and co-member of their band.


  • A's instrument is a six stringed shamisen or "guitar shamisen" as she refers to it in the anime. Despite having three more strings than a traditional shamisen, A's shamisen still has only three tenjin (tuning pegs) which would make tuning the instrument impossible.


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