"Let's aim to the top!"
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Aireen Myumon 1

Romanized Name Airen
Gender Female
Occupation Musician
Debut Episode 4, Season 2
Band Bud Virgin Logic
Instrument Vocal + Guitar
First Appearance
Anime Show By Rock
Voice Actress/Actor

Aireen is a member of a band Bud Virgin Logic.


  • Aireen - A majestic lion, with a haughty, commanding gaze, powerful charisma and mystical speech. Immersion into music had made her a bit of klutz. Likes high places and things smaller than herself.¹
  • Aireen- Was intoduced to music by her older brother Aion(Shingancrimsonz) when he was still living in the same roof with her.
  • Aireen - was first introduced to the audience from her first scene playing the piano in Rosia's high school's section of campus.