• Squarejakejake

    season 2

    October 20, 2016 by Squarejakejake

    So i started and finished season 1 iin october 2016 and then i looked to see if there was a season 2 and a website said season 2 is due in october 2016 that is so wierd that i started watching it when season 2 is due.

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  • NyanGalaxy

    Character Category

    April 16, 2016 by NyanGalaxy

    ~Hello I'm trying add a new "layout" on bands category to facilitate the searches. All right for u guys?

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  • SquidGurl


    February 13, 2016 by SquidGurl

    Hi! My name is SquidGurl, and since this wiki has been inactive for a long time. I'd like to make an attempt to adopt it. Any opinions on this?

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  • KojiMayuyu

    I'm just wondering.. why does this wikia so silent?.. 

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  • Daniel 1939

    I want people to know that I'm planning to add new things in the navigation bar. Is it okay if I edit it?

    (I'll be adding a few new features like Episodes in the navigation)

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  • InoriAizawa

    Resuming Service!

    May 16, 2015 by InoriAizawa

    Grades, grades, grades, school school school!

    But, its almost over. On May 21, I will be resuming service as one of the admins on this wiki. Sorry for the leave of absence, but school is a priority.


    ps: nice job with the song on the home page

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  • Daniel 1939

    I have two things to discuss here: naming images and color coding galleries

    1) To anyone who uploads screenshots for anime episodes, is it ok if they are named specific to the episode they belong from?

    For example: (adding "Ep" + episode number)





    2) With regards to color coding with galleries and other stuffs related to a specific band, I'll be fixing them later on. Here's my personal guide:

    • Plasmagica - Blue
    • Shingan Crimsonz - Red
    • Criticrista - Pink
    • Trichronika - Yellow
    • Tsurezure - Purple
    • Shizumu Secret Mind - Light blue (default color)

    Comment if you do not like my color coding scheme/image naming requests, or have some th…

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  • Daniel 1939


    May 1, 2015 by Daniel 1939

    Hi! I'm Daniel1939, and as an admin here is my first project: Chatting

    I understand that most would prefer leaving messages but I'm asking if we could use the chat room. Since Show by Rock is gradually getting well known, a lot visitors would think of going to chat. I was thinking if we could use the chat often, whether to discuss about Show by Rock, admin projects for this wiki or "getting to know you" stuff.  :) :D

    So how can we organize it? Also who can take the role as Chat Moderator when this is implemented?    

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  • InoriAizawa


    April 12, 2015 by InoriAizawa

    Now that Show By Rock! is airing, what are your thoughts? Leave them below! I honestly love Cyan! Meow!

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  • NightBellRose

    OSU! Minna, NBR here, and uh....For those who want to listen to their songs, here's the link:

    Song Link

    For the videos....Here:


    Playlist by Sanrio

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