"Let's aim to the top!"
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Leader Rosia
Agency Unicorn Virtual Music Inc. (Season 1)
Banded Rocking Records (Season 2)
Type Band
Status Active
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Criticrista (クリティクリスタ Kuritikurisuta?) is one of the main band in this series. This band is composed of four girls from St. Midi Middle School's Student Council.


In the anime, Criticrista is working for Unicorn Virtual Music Inc. and secretly eyeing Cyan from the band Plasmagica after she arrived on the Sound World. On Episode 10, Plasmagica defeated Criticrista on a rematch. Because of this, Dagger Morse corrupted their melodisian stones and turned them all into dark monsters. In Season 2, Show by Rock!! #, after Dagger Morse was defeated, Criticrista joined the Branded Rock Records along with Shingan Crimsonz and Plasmagica.  



  • This band was the first victim in the series, to have their melodisian stones tainted with dark melodisian.
  • In Season 2, Criticrista joins Banded Rocking Records, making them the third band for the record label.
  • In Show by Rock!! Short!!, Rosia refers to Criticrista's adult male fans as "big brothers", a term also used to describe adult male fans of the magical girl series Pretty Cure.