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Japanese Name クロウ
Romanized Name Kurō
English Name Crow
Gender Male
Height 165cm
Birthday September 6
Band Shingan Crimsonz
Instrument Red Tomahawk
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Kishou Taniyama

Crow (クロウ Kurō?) is one of the members of the band Shingan Crimsonz.

Appearance Edit

Crow has dark purple hair with red fringe. He wears a black leather jacket, with a red tail, and black pants. Underneath he wears a red shirt with a black necktie. When in Myumon form, he takes the appearance of a hedgehog with spiked black hair, red skin with red and black eyes.

Personality Edit

Crow is active, loud, and rude. He gives off a crazy vibe and likes to be tough towards other people. He calls his fans "cattle", not knowing it insults others.


  • Crow likes milk and livestock.
    • In real life, hedgehogs are severely allergic to milk.
  • He is not a fan of cool weather.
  • His parents are dairy farmers.
  • Crow's height is shortest among the other members of the band Shingan Crimsonz, due to this, he is often insulted by them.
  • Despite Crow arguing with Aion and saying mean things to him, Crow recognises Aion's talent the most out of the members in Shingan Crimsonz.
  • According to the manga, Crow got his guitar(Red Tomahawk) by getting a job in a hobby shop(it is also how he met Yaiba) when he saw him buying his bass(Ryukenden). His Red Tomahawk can come in different colors and cost 200,000 sound dollars. He mentioned working in the Hobby shop in the anime, episode 6 of the 2nd season.


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