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Daru Tayuu
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Japanese Name ダル太夫
Romanized Name Daru Tayū
English Name Daru Tayuu
Gender Female
Height 140cm
Birthday July 26
B/W/H 62/48/61
Band Tsurezure
First Appearance
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Megumi Han

Daru Tayu (ダル太夫 Daru Tayū?) is one of the members of the band Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan.


Daru is a pale-skinned girl with sharp golden eyes worn with magenta makeup. She has a long white cat tail and cat ears with pale brown tips and wears her purple hair up in a fancy, traditional chinese style held by six gold pins. She has highlights of pink, gold, white, and blue on her bangs. 

She wears an oversized, loose flowing purple kimono with a red and orange leaf print. The collar is dark purple and worn below her shoulders to reveal the magenta top covering her chest. At the waist is a gold bow with a giant violent flower on one side. She carries a gold pipe. 

Daru also has what appear to be telekinetic powers that she uses to manipulate the giant Daruma to play the drums and can even levitate in midair. 


She loves her homeland so much, and she points out if her band is doing well or not, but in regardless encourages them to work hard.


  • Daru Dayuu likes to travel.
  • Her name is most likely inspired by the Daruma. Which is more evident by the cat-styled Daruma she sits on. 
  • The drums the Daruma plays on are called shime-daiko


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