Reserve Rhapsody
Episode 10
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Episode Information
English Reserve Rhapsody
Air Date
Japanese Air Date June 7, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Youth is Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
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Reserve Rhapsody is the 10th Episode of the Show By Rock Series! Released on 7th June 2015 

Character AppearanceEdit


Chuchu starts to become overcome with feelings of jealousy towards Cyan's growing popularity, which catches the attention of Dagger. Meanwhile, Berry warns the girls about Dagger's intentions for the Grateful Rock Festival, in which he hopes to obtain Cyan, Shu-zo, and Tsurezurenaru's Darudayu for his own band, suggesting that Plasmagica can defeat Dagger with their music. Later, Chuchu is called out by Dagger, who preys on her selfish desires and sways her over to his side in the hopes of making Cyan despair. Just as Chuchu announces her plans to quit Plasmagica, Strawberry Heart, who is revealed to be possessed by songwriter Grateful King, urges the bandmates to stop her, prompting Cyan and the others to use the song she wrote to help her regain her senses. Chuchu then apologises for her selfish motives, deciding she has no intention of quitting Plasmagica.


After beating Criticrista and having permission to enter the Grateful Rock Festival. Cyan's popularity has been sky rocketing, Chuchu is troubled by the fact after all her hard work, all eyes are on Cyan instead of her, bringing darkness in her melodisian. Dagger took notice of this and decides to use this for his advantage. Back in Brand Rocking Records, Chuchu is in her room updating her blog. Telling her readers that now that she is in the G.R.F. , she will do anything to be at the top, even if it means using her friends as stepping stones. In Cyan's room, Cyan finally gets to talk to Berry-san only to have it cut short for a meeting with all of Plasmagica.

Berry discusses Dagger's motives where Dagger will be attacking all of the popular bands gathered there and turn the Melodsians of the audience into dark stones, the only way to defeat him is through music. Dagger is actually one of the organizers for the festival from the beginning and plans to use this as a means of furthering his ambition from the start. His real goal is the gather the top musicians and make the ultimate band, his targets are: Shuu Zou from Trichronika, Daru Dayuu from Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan and lastly, Cyan from Plasmagica. If he is trying to make this come true, they must use the festival to beat him.

Meanwhile with Angelica tells Daru Dayuu that Dagger is using his contract to force Grateful King to write a new song and that his stalling has come to its limit. She asked if Daru Dayuu could lend a hand. Chuchu recieves an e-mail from Dagger to meet him in the tower, only to be brainwashed to quit Plasmagica, Dagger thought that if Cyan's Melodisian has evolved so much become dark and uses Chuchu to Give Cyan despair. Chuchu goes and tells them she is quitting, thanks to Berry warning them about Dagger and Chuchu. They use the song that Chuchu wrote to snap her out of it. Chuchu tells all her thoughts and realizes that she does not want to quit the band and that Retoree, Cyan and Moa accepts her goal for a solo career.


Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed that Grateful King is possessing Strawberry Heart to communicate to Cyan.
  • Chuchu reveals why she is in Plasmagica.
  • A closer look in Unicorn Virtual Music tower.
  • Angelica discuss the situation with Daru Dayuu.
  • Maple appears in the ending for the first time.