Youth is Non-Stop!
Episode 12
EP 12
Episode Information
English Youth is Non-Stop!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date 21st June 2015
Featured Songs
Insert Song Youth is non-stop!
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Youth is Non-stop is the 12th and final episode of the Show by Rock anime series. It aired on 21st June 2015 

Character AppearenceEdit


After rescuing Criticrista(who were the dark monster that they faced), Cyan and the rest battle Dagger in a final showdown, with the Grateful King intervening to settle the score once and for all.


Cyan stopped Dayu from eliminating the dark monster when she discovered it was Rosia and the other Criticrista members. Cyan rescued them and brought them back to normal, while Shu Zou used his power to free everyone.



  • This is the last of episode of the series.
  • Maple's true appearance is revealed here.