With Our Crimson Gaze
Episode 2
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Episode Information
Kanji 俺たちは深紅色の心眼で(以下略)
"Oretachi wa shinkōshoku no shingan de (ikaryaku)"
English With Our Crimson Gaze
Air Date
Japanese Air Date April 12, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Youth is Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
Insert Song Falling Roses
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Episode 1 - Have a nice MUSIC!! Episode 3 - Yes! Idol ♥ Declaration

Character AppearanceEdit


Cyan meets Shingan Crimsonz, the other band in the company Banded Rocking Records, who later did a performance as an opening act for Trichronika. Meanwhile, Cyan conversed with Strawberry Guitar on the world she is in and why she is here, she later thanks Plasmagica for letting her join the band.


Cyan is introduced to the Shingan Crimsonz, another band under the Banded Rocking Records agency beside Plasmagica. It's members: Crow, Aion, and Yaiba quarrel with each other but the fourth member, Rom, snaps them out. Later, Maple told the Shingan Crimsonz that they will do an opening act for Trichronika, Rom refuses at first, but Angelica threatens him if they won't do the job.

Cyan was then invited to live with the girls at the dorm. Knowing she has nowhere else to go, Cyan agrees (to Retoree's delight) and takes shelter in one of the rooms. While wondering about her current condition, Strawberry Guitar explains to her that she is in the world of musical beings called Myumons, and she is specifically in a music city called Midi City. It also tells Cyan that she has become a Myumon herself, and that unless she uses her talents to "save the world", Cyan won't be able to go back in the real world. Cyan is troubled by this, but later gains the courage to accept it. Afterwards, she sings whilst taking a bath, it was heard by the members of Plasmagica and they come to her to say their looking forward to work with her.

At the concert, Crow, Aion, and Yaiba are nervous for the concert, so Rom gets them fired up. On stage, the boys were initially wooed by the crowd, all of whom were fans of Trichronika. But after their performance, the band succeeded in getting the support of the fans. Heading back, Trichronika thanks them for spurring the crowd, and members of the Shingan Crimsonz leave without stirring trouble with the trio.

Meanwhile, while Cyan finally thanks Plasmagica for letting her join the band, another band member observes Plasmagica in the dark.