Yes! Idol Declaration
Episode 3
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Episode Information
English Yes! Idol Declaration
Air Date
Japanese Air Date April 19, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Youth is Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
Insert Song Yes! Idol♥Senden


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Yes! Idol ♥ Declaration is the 3rd episode of the Show By Rock!! anime series. It first aired on April 19, 2015.

Character Appearance Edit


A Battle of the Bands will be taking place, pitting Plasmagica against the all-girl band, Criticrista. The members of Plasmagica prepare themselves for the showdown, but it would seem their preparations will not be enough. At the same time, Retoree feels uneasy of what will happen, as she recollects her past...


Maple accepted a challenge to have a showdown in S-River between his band Plasmagica and Ogasawara's band, Criticrista, an all-girl band made up of middle schoolers. ChuChu agrees to participate in this "battle of the bands", seeing it as an opportunity for Plasmagica to level up, especially when they have a new member, Cyan, who has yet to show her potential on stage. However, the girls become aware that Criticrista is not easy to compete with, as the band is made up of students from St. Midi Girl's Academy, all of them members of the student council. At the same time, Criticrista discuss about Plasmagica, the leader Rosier mentions she is still unsure of what Plasmagica can pull off knowing she haven't heard them sing, but is confident they'll win an easy victory.

At the dorms, ChuChu mentions that the concert hall in S-River was where she was inspired to become part of a band, especially when she saw the Grateful King perform, so she's a bit excited that Plasmagica's first battle will take place there. Meanwhile, Strawberry Heart tells Cyan what a battle of the bands really is, knowing that Cyan is being excited for something she doesn't know about nor is she even prepared for. On the other hand, Retoree is nervous of the upcoming battle and recollects her past. Back then, Retoree wanted to be part of a band and make friends, then Maple introduced himself and wanted to recruit her for Plasmagica. Retoree agreed and met ChuChu and Moa, however she felt left out in the group and couldn't make friends with them, a feeling that bothers her till the present day.

On the day of the battle, members of Plasmagica lose their confidence after witnessing a rehearsal by Criticrista, the members of that band: Rosier, Tsukino, Holmy, and Jacqueline introduce themselves to Plasmagica whilst Ogasawara bragged to Maple on how good Criticrista is. When members of Plasmagica rendevous to discuss what happened, Retoree declared they can't win against Criticrista and blamed herself for keeping her distance from everyone. ChuChu tried to cheer her up, but Retoree is too stubborn to listen and decides to go home, feeling they've never been friends to her in the first place. As she was about to leave, Cyan breaks the mood with her guitar, announcing she has something to share with Retoree and the others.

The battle began with both bands pulling out their best performance, with Criticrista doing very well with their performance. Plasmagica pulled off an amazing performance too, thanks to Cyan who was able to share a new chord and chorus for everyone and helped to restore confidence and unity for Plasmagica. Despite this, Criticrista won the battle, but the members of Plasmagica enjoyed and thanked Cyan for her hard work anyway. ChuChu announces that they'll do better next time, and Retoree felt she can have friends after all.

Meanwhile, a group of students have intentions to go to Midi City, hoping to see the performance of a powerful band - the "gods of music" Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan...





  • This Episode is the official debut of band Criticrista .
  • There was a clash between Criticrista  and Plasmagica.
  • This was the first episode in which two bands sung there songs . 
  • Cyan for the first time perform on the stage with others .

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