Ba-Dum! It's a Beach Training Camp Full of Swimsuits?
Episode 5
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Episode Information
English Ba-Dum! It's a Beach Training Camp Full of Swimsuits?
Air Date
Japanese Air Date May 3, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Seishun wa Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
Insert Song CS
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Episode 5 - Maze of DESTINY Episode 7 - Yokai Street

Ba-Dum!? It's A beach Training Camp Full Of Swimsuits is the 6th Episode of Show by Rock, released on May 3, 2015.

Character Appearance Edit


After learning about Cyan's mission and Dagger Morse's schemes, Maple decides to send both Plasmagica and Shingan Crimsonz to a training camp at the beach. Meanwhile, Cyan is struggling to make up with Retoree, but Retoree is too angry to accept Cyan's feelings...


With Cyan too depressed to explain any further, Strawberry Heart breaks the drama and began explaining everything to everyone, who by now are shocked to discover Cyan's guitar talks. Strawberry explained that Cyan was sent to the Sound World by Dagger Morse himself, the manager of Unicorn Virtual Music Inc. and is also the one controlling the dark monsters, for intentions to make her join his agency and take over the Sound World. Strawberry also stated that he prevented Cyan from falling into Dagger's hands, becoming her guitar to fight Dagger and his dark monsters. Maple also revealed that he(and Angelica) knew all of this and was the reason he recruited Cyan in the first place. He later decides that both Plasmagica and Shingan Crimsonz must participate in the Grateful Rock Festival to combat Dagger, and that they must go to a "training camp" for this purpose. Regardless of these new information, ChuChu and Moa reasoned they got angry at Cyan only because she attempted to leave the concert, and were willing to forgive her, however, Retoree has no intentions to forgive Cyan in any way.

While heading to the training camp, Plasmagica got there first as Maple and Shingan Crimsonz got lost on the way. Once they arrived, the members of Plasmagica realized that they are in a resort owned by Maple's relatives, however they're still not comfortable with each other especially between Retoree and Cyan. Cyan tried to apologize to Retoree in a pool, but Retoree ignored her and left. Afterwards, Cyan sang to express her feelings; ChuChu heard her and sang along then Retoree followed, now willing to accept Cyan's feelings. However, Moa is outside thinking of her true situation, and when the other girls went after her, Moa finally confessed to them who she really was, that besides Cyan she too came from another world and is actually an alien sent to investigate the planet (the girls however thought Moa was just joking, only realizing she is telling the truth after they saw her spaceship). Regardless, ChuChu declared that none of their identities mattered, and that they must enjoy whatever time they have left together as members of Plasmagica; and everyone agreed.



Trivia Edit

  • The light that hit Cyan when she first entered the Sound World back in Episode 1 turned out to be Strawberry Heart preventing Cyan from getting into Dagger's agency.
  • Maple has relatives who look just like him.

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