Yokai Street
Episode 7
Episode Information
Kanji 妖怪ストリート
English Yokai Street
Air Date
Japanese Air Date May 17, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Youth is Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
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Yokai Street is the 7th episode of the Show by Rock!! Anime series. It aired on May 17, 2015.  

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A member of a yokai band called Shinimonogurui asked Cyan and Plasmagica to come with her in her hometown in order to search for her missing band mate. At the same time, Shingan Crimsonz head for the same town for a concert, not knowing the dangers that they will be facing there. 

Summary Edit

Marimari, a member of a yokai band called Shinimonogurui, asked Cyan and Plasmagica for help after learning she could fight off dark monsters. She also explained that she has a band mate named Tsugihagi who suddenly disappeared and that she was asking for their help in order to find him. Cyan agreed, then the girls head towards Marimari's hometown, along the way they comforted Marimari when she felt guilty that Tsugihagi might have left because she and their other band mates couldn't understand his feelings.

Meanwhile, members of Shingan Crimsonz heard rumors that a yokai town was holding up concerts which made bands popular so they decided to check it out and do a concert. No one knew, however, that the rumors were planned by Ogasawara in an attempt to lure Cyan as bait. He himself was surprised Cyan fell for it, when he contacted Dagger of his plan, Dagger told him to take care of it and be sure he'd redeem himself for his previous failures. At the same time, members of Criticrista discuss their constant success, eventually they get convinced that they could surpass Trichronika and Tsurezure and become number one someday.

When members of Shingan Crimsonz got to the yokai town, they were freaked out by the yokais they come across and ultimately had a horrible time getting through the concert. They got to the concert eventually, however Ogasawara had them transported to another world before they even started their performance. Cyan and the girls arrived too late to save Crow, Aion, Yaiba, and Rom, Cyan tried to get in the gate that the boys were transported to, but it was blocked by a barrier, so Cyan had no choice but to leave the rest to Shingan Crimsonz.

In the other world, Crow, Aion, Yaiba, and Rom were attacked by a large tree-like dark monster. Furious that it prevented them from singing a new song they had composed for the concert, the boys fought against the monster seriously (the boys had no idea that they were fighting a dark monster, thinking it was another yokai trying to scare them). After a difficult fight, the boys managed to defeat the monster, and got back from that world and ended up falling into a tree's canopy. Everyone was relieved they're safe, then surprisingly the remains of the dark monster transformed into Tsugihagi. Everyone was shocked that Tsugihagi was a dark monster, though Tsugihagi himself didn't remember anything. Regardless, Marimari was glad he was safe, and the two bands leave the town, with Plasmagica telling Shingan Crimsonz that they fought a dark monster, to there surprise.

However, Strawberry Heart speculates that a Myumon with dark feelings and dark monsters are possibly related to each other, and unbeknownst to everyone, another part of the remains of the dark monster had entered Aion's body.

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Trivia Edit

  • Shinimonogurui (a yokai band) was introduced.
  • It seemed that Strawberry Heart thought that it's possible for dark thoughts to turn a Myumon into a dark monster.
  • When Shingan Crimsonz is running away from Gashi-Gashi (the Candy yokai), an instrumental version of Falling Roses can be heard in the background.
  • When Shingan Crimsonz stood at the entrance of Yokai street, an error showed which was Aion missing his gloves.