Falling Star Dreamline
Episode 9
Episode Information
Kanji 流星ドリームライン
English Falling Star Dreamline
Air Date
Japanese Air Date May 31, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Youth is Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
Insert Song 流星ドリームライン
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Falling Star Dreamline is the 9th episode of the Show by Rock anime series. It aired on May 31, 2015.

Character Appearance Edit

  • Cyan
  • ChuChu
  • Retoree
  • Moa
  • Rosia
  • Tsukino
  • Holmy
  • Jacqueline
  • Ogasawara
  • Dagger
  • Grateful King
  • Maple Arisugawa
  • Angelica
  • Daru Tayu
  • A
  • Un

Story Edit

The rematch between Criticrista and Plasmagica has begun, with both sides refusing to give up.

Summary Edit

With the rematch about to begin, Criticrista come to a discussion on how to deal with it. Rosia has no thoughts that they will lose to Plasmagica, Jacqueline felt they might lose and gets "punished" by Rosia, Tsukino keeps comparing their situation with food, and Holmy warned about being too overconfident with this rematch. At the same time, the Grateful King has decided to end his silence and talked with Dagger, seemingly acting like he has decided to cooperate.

As Plasmagica practices for the rematch, ChuChu thought that they should improve their "performance", which meant doing stunts to impress people. This failed(especially on Cyan's part), and when ChuChu asked Crow, Aion, Yaiba, and Rom what they'd think, Rom described all of it was unnecessary and that all they need to do is to "express their souls with their music". Afterwards, Retoree showed ChuChu and everyone a picture of them together back in the beach, with ChuChu realizing having fun is the only thing they needed for them to win. Meanwhile, Maple and Angelica have decided that it is now time to call help from someone; Angelica comes to Daru Tayu asking for a counsel with the Grateful King.

Just before the rematch began, Rosia hugged Cyan while whispering to her she won't lose. This affected ChuChu in a negative way, but she immediately cheered up once the concert began. After both bands had sung their songs, Rosia was completely shocked by Plasmagica's performance and began crying. As she had realized, Plasmagica won the competition, and whilst Plasmagica rejoiced, Rosia was completely demoralized.

Even though they could still join the Grateful Rock Festival, the fact that Criticrista lost to Plasmagica was something Rosia couldn't accept. Things went worse when, for the first time, Dagger appeared personally to tell he no longer needed them, giving off a dark aura that sent Ogasawara away in fear. By the time he left, Dagger shut the room and revealed his monstrous transformation to Criticrista, then proceeded to finish them off.

Trivia Edit

  • Dagger appeared for the first time outside his office in this episode.
  • Daru Tayu has connections with the Grateful King, to whom Angelica asked for assistance.
  • Strawberry Heart has remained silent throughout the episode, not even giving Cyan advice or something to say.
  • ChuChu had dark thoughts after Rosia ignored her and paid attention to Cyan instead.
  • Criticrista were attacked by Dagger and saw his true form.

Gallery Edit