Eri Inagawa
Japanese Name 稲川 英里
いながわ えり
Romanized Name Inagawa Eri
English Name Eri Inagawa
Gender Female
Birthday October 28
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Seiyū
Japanese Singer
Hobbies Tap Dancing and Singing
External Links
Twitter @greentea_senbei
Website Official Website

Eri Inagawa is one of the newest seiyuus we have today. She first debut as Tamaki Ogami in a mobile card game called

THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! and Jubilee from Sugar Rush!. Her first Cartoon seiyuu was Cylindria of Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures. Now presenting her very first leading role debut in Anime voice acting is the main character herself: Cyan Hijirikawa of Plasmagica. She instantly gained many fans and they hope that she will shine as much as her character and fellow seiyuus.

Other Notable Voices:

  1. Miko - Gintama


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