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Japanese Name ホルミー
Romanized Name Horumī
English Name Holmy
Gender Female
Height 156cm
Birthday May 29
B/W/H 85/58/87
Band Criticrista
First Appearance
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Hiromi Igarashi

Holmy (ホルミー Horumī?) is one of the members of the band Criticrista. According to the anime, she is a cow.


Holmy serves the student council as the president.

Her melodisian stone was tainted with dark melodisian by Dagger Morse.


Holmy is a fair-skinned girl with large red eyes and dark brown shoulder length hair. She wears a red headband and has dark brown cow ears and tiny caramel-colored horns. She has a long, thin cow tail with a bushy part of the hair on the end. She wears a single ruby diamond on the left ear. 

Her outfit is composed of a white tank-top with lining of red to match the long red ribbon attached to the color with a line of white in the center. Tied to the bow is a cowbell. Attached to her back are two long white capes with a golden line below a fancy diamond shape. A gold strap is attached from her shirt to her shoulder, held by a single clip. She wears white gloves with black material and a red skirt with a single white line on it. Her boots end above her knees with black material sticking out from the top. The bottom and heel are red. 


Holmy likes to do things with effort. She is a shy-type of person, she really doesn't compliment on things.


  • Her band were the first victims in the series to have their melodisian stones tainted with dark melodisian.


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