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Japanese Name ジャクリン
Romanized Name Jakurin
English Name Jacqueline
Gender Female
Height 159cm
Birthday October 5
B/W/H 88/61/84
Band Criticrista
First Appearance
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Rie Murakawa (Japanese)
Morgan Berry (English)

Jacqueline (ジャクリン Jakurin?) is one of the members of the band Criticrista. According to the anime, she is a frog. 


Jacqueline is a Vice Chairman of their Student Council.

Her melodisian stone was tainted with dark melodisian by Dagger Morse.


Jacqueline is a fair-skinned girl with orange eyes and very long teal hair worn in a ponytail held with a blue and white bow. On each side of her head is a giant green object with gold on the front and a stripe of dark teal in the center, reminiscent of a frogs eye. She has a frilly, pale blue frogs tail. 

She wears an orange parka-styled tank top with pink accenting and a yellow zipper. At the corner of the chest is a green and gold clover. Attached to the back are two long white pieces of cloth with a pale orange clover and a single line below it. Her skirt resembles that of a blue school uniform with a single white line and frills of sky blue and very pale blue beneath it. Around each wrist is a translucent blue accessory. She wears plain white socks with gold rubber boots with a green clover at each side.


Jacqueline is a bright and energetic person. She is trusted by her co-members of the band Criticrista due to her friendly personality.


  • She likes to sing karaoke.
  • Because Jacqueline is a frog, she prefers to stay well hydrated. Therefore, she despises things that dry her out.
  • When her body becomes dehydrated she becomes emotionally unstable and depressed. However, when she is exposed to water, she reverts back to her normal happy and friendly self.
  • Jacqueline and her bandmates were the first victims in the series to have their melodisian stones tainted with dark melodisian.
  • Jacqueline is the only member of Criticrista to not have a hair accessory that represents her theme.


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