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Japanese Name ロム
Romanized Name Romu
English Name Rom
Gender Male
Height 186cm
Birthday June 6
Band Shingan Crimsonz
Instrument Skull Jaguar
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Hosoya Yoshimasa

Teruyuki Tanzawa (game)

Rom (ロム Romu?) is one of the members of the band Shingan Crimsonz.

Appearance Edit

Rom has pale blond hair and has a muscular body physique. He wears a dark brown jacket, dark brown pants, and dark brown boots. When in Myumon form, he takes the appearance of a leopard with gold fur with brown spots on his forehead and tail. He has blue and red eyes and possesses a muscular physique.

Personality Edit

Rom takes his role as a band member seriously, doing whatever it takes to make sure the band is organized and is in high spirits. He has authority over his band companions; whenever the other three members screw up or quarrel, Rom scolds them to end their misbehavior. He would usually use words to inspire his peers or convince them to stop fighting with each other. He treasures all bonds of his friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Rom's Myumon form takes the form of a leopard.
  • Out of all the members in Shingan Crimsonz in Season 1, he is the first to reveal that he has a part-time job as a company employee. As seen in Episode 2 where he is in the Angelica's bar, organizing receipts. The second one is Yaiba and third(mentioned only,but can be seen in the manga) is Crow.
  • He loves going to live bands.
  • He hates betrayal and losing a friend.
  • It is revealed that during the time when he and Shu Zou were in a band together, he dreams of blessings through Shu Zou's dream, while they both chased the same dream, they slowly drifted apart. From then on, Rom swears to never watch another friend leave and to never be a misfortune to anyone.

Gallery Edit

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