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Japanese Name ロージア
Romanized Name Rōjia
English Name Rosier
Gender Female
Height 148cm
Birthday July 23
B/W/H 74/55/78
Band Criticrista
Instrument Guitar
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Rina Hidaka

Rosia (ロージア Rōjia?) is the leader of the band Criticrista.


Rosia currently serves her student council as a secretary and treasurer. She had her melodisian stone tainted with dark energy by Dagger Morse.


Rosia is a pale-skinned girl with large cyan eyes. She has very pale pink hair worn in curly twin-tails worn with a very thin gold headband with a big red heart on each end. She has a heart-shaped cowlick and pink cat ears to match her cat tail. 

Although she looks like the youngest member of her group, Rosia appears to be the most risque in terms of clothing. She wears a white tube top with a heart cut in the center to reveal her chest. The collar is midnight blue with a magenta heart gem at the center, attached to a pink and white ribbon. Around her neck is a dark pink choker to match the fluffy scrunchies on each wrist. She wears a short frilled pink pleat skirt. Attached to the back of her shirt are two long white capes with gold hearts depicted on them. Her shoes are simple cherry-red heels with a bow tied on each ankle worn with sheer stockings. On the top of her left leg rests a red strap with two small gold bells attached. 


Rosia has a selfish personality. Despite of her selfishness, she skillfully grabs the fans' hearts even the adults', with her cute behavior and gestures. She also seems to have two personalities that shown on the 3rd episode. She is kind in front of the members of the Plasmagica. But behind, she is tough.


  • Rosia like songs and to dance.
  • She really doesn't want to do student council chores.
  • In her UR art in the game, her chest is covered.
  • Her band were the first victims in the series to have their melodisian stones tainted with dark melodisian.


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