Ohsaka Ryota
Ohsaka Ryoto
Given name: 良太
Family name: 逢坂
Birthday: Aug 2
Birth place: Tokushima Prefecture, Japan
Hobbies: Softball, Bowling, Walking, Games

Ohsaka Ryota is the voice of Kai from Trichronika. He is affiliated with Early Wing.

Other Notable Voices:

  1. Kiri Katou - Sket Dance
  2. Carmen, Sphintus - Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
  3. Kanzai - Hunter x Hunter
  4. Lucifer, Vali - Highschool DxD
  5. Okikura Kakeru - Glasslip
  6. Tokushima, Haruto - Kakumeiki, Valvrave
  7. Tachibana, Sugane - Gatchaman Crowds
  8. Shouryuu - Log Horizon
  9. Yaze Motoki - Strike the Blood



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