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Shuu Zou
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Japanese Name シュウ☆ゾー
Romanized Name Shū Zō
English Name Shu☆zo
Gender Male
Height 176cm
Birthday July 7
Band Trichronika
Instrument Golden Mechanical Clock
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Mamoru Miyano (Anime)

Kasuya Daisuke (Game)

Shu Zo (シュウ☆ゾー Shū Zō?) is the leader of the band Trichronika.

Appearance Edit

Shu☆zo is a male myumon of unknown species. He has blonde hair with multicolored highlights, aqua blue eyes, and brown ears and tail which have multicolored highlights to match his hair.

His usual outfit consists of a long, blue jacket with various ruffles and embellishments in pink and blue.


Shu☆zo's name is spelled with katakana which has no deeper meaning than the sounds it makes unlike kanji. Shu☆zo's stage name from when he was in Amatelast is spelled with the kanji for "melancholy".


  • Shu☆zo is under strict orders to not reveal his species.
  • Shu☆zo is the vocalist of the band Trichronika.
  • Shu☆zo is very popular, numerous posters and advertisements of him are around Midi City and he has lots of fans.
  • It is revealed that during the time when he and Rom were in a band together, Shu☆zo's dream was to make his dream come true and he valued that above everything while Rom dreams of blessings through Shu☆zo's dream, while they both chased the same dream, they slowly drifted apart.
  • His guitar is called 'Golden Mechanical Clock.' It has the ability to control time.
  • Though Shu☆zo currently has blonde hair, it was black when he was in Amatelast. It is unclear which color is his original, if either.
  • His band are the first in the series to appear and fight a dark monster (only to be saved by Cyan).


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