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Shuu Zou
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Japanese Name シュウ☆ゾー
Romanized Name Shū Zō
English Name Shuu Zou
Gender Male
Height 176cm
Birthday July 7
Band Trichronika
Instrument Golden Mechanical Clock
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Mamoru Miyano (Anime)

Kasuya Daisuke (Game)

Shuu Zou (シュウ☆ゾー Shū Zō?) is the leader of the band Trichronika.

Appearance Edit

Shuu is a pale skin boy with small shiny green eyes. His hair is yellow color with some highlights of blue, pink & green color blend in his hair. He wears a long top with stars on it, having color gradient of blue and pink color. Also, he has red headphones around his neck.

He is wearing a pair of fluffy shoes with blue multi-color and one pink star on it.


Shuu means " One's Natural Life" .

Zou means "Hidden" .


  • Shuu is skin fox yet , his tail is brown from the start .
  • Shuu is the vocalist of the band Trichronika.
  • Shuu is very popular, numerous posters and advertisements of him are around Midi City and he has lots of fans.
  • It is revealed that during the time when he and Rom were in a band together, Shuu Zou's dream was to make his dream come true and he valued that above everything while Rom dreams of blessings through Shu Zou's dream, while they both chased the same dream, they slowly drifted apart.
  • His guitar is called 'Golden Mechanical Clock.'
  • It's been revealed that Shuu Zou dyes his hair yellow.
  • His band are the first in the series to appear and fight a dark monster (only to be saved by Cyan).


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