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TV Anime "Show by Rock!!" Trichronika Insert Song (TVアニメ「SHOW BY ROCK!!」トライクロニカ 挿入歌?) is the single of Trichronika, which contains their insert songs. The said single was released on June 3, 2015.

Track ListEdit

No. Title Performers (all from Trichronika) .ogg File
1 And You☆Are You Ready?
(キミと☆Are You Ready??)
Mamoru Miyano (Shuu Zou)
キミと☆Are You Ready?
2 Our Shiny Star☆
(ボクらのShiny Star☆?)
Ayumu Murase (Riku)
and Ryota Osaka (Kai)
ボクらのShiny Star☆
3 And You☆Are You Ready?
(キミと☆Are You Ready?


キミと☆Are You Ready? (Instrumental)
4 Our Shiny Star☆
(ボクらのShiny Star☆
ボクらのShiny Star☆ (Instrumental)

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