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Tokiko Shirosugawa

Tokiko Shirosugawa

Gender Female (?)
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Interviewer
First Appearance
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Yuji Ueda (Japanese)

Sonny Strait (English)

Tokiko Shirosugawa is an interviewer from Show by Rock!! Short!!. She hosts "Tokiko's R-R-Room", a talk show where she interviews various musicians.

Personality Edit

Tokiko is a jovial woman who occasionally gets distracted by cute things like tails during her interviews. She's a big fan of Tricronika, especially Shu Zo, and gets very excited when they appear on her show. She was immediately turned off by Criticrista's deliberate cutesiness, but had a begrudging respect for Rosia's skill at it. Tokiko was very amused by Daru Dayuu's daruma's form, but got so overwhelmed by her actual non-daruma presence that she started praying without thinking.

Trivia Edit

  • Tokiko's character is a reference to Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, a well known talk show host in Japan. In contrast to Tokiko's goofier personality, Kuroyanagi is known for her professionalism, emphatic interview style, and humanitarian work. Kuroyanagi interviews various media, music, sports, and political personalities from both inside and outside of Japan. The set for "Tokiko's R-R-Room" is very similar to that of "Toriko's Room". Both Tokiko and Tetsuko Kuroyanagi share a similar style of dress and a bowl-cut hairstyle.
  • Tokiko bears a resemblance to Maple Arisugawa, possibly being the same type of Myumon. Her last name is a combination of Shiro (white in Japanese, playing off of Tetsuko Kuroyanagi's last name starting with kuro, the word for black) and sugawa, which appears at the end of Maple's last name. They also share the same voice actors in both the Japanese and English dubs.