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Japanese Name ヤイバ
Romanized Name Yaiba
English Name Yaiba
Age [placeholder]
Gender Male
Height 174cm
Birthday August 18
Band Shingan Crimsonz
Instrument Ryukenden
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Kakihara, Tetsuya(anime)

Yaiba (ヤイバ?) is one of the members of the band Shingan Crimsonz.

Appearance Edit

Yaiba has short, dark brown hair with blond dye that covers the lower part of his hair. He wears glasses, a black jacket, black pants and dark black boots. In Myumon form, he takes the appearance of a fox with golden fur with black tips, black muzzle with golden nose, and red and black eyes.

Personality Edit

Yaiba has a cool attitude, but that doesn't stop him from wanting attention and getting involved in quarrels within the band.

Trivia Edit

  • Yaiba is probably named after Hitomi Yaida, a popular Japanese female singer.
  • He likes cleaning his Ryukenden every morning.
  • He has huge respect to bushido and rock spirit. As shown in episode 7,he displayed some moves similar to a samurai.
  • He is actually very timid, but somehow gets involved in Crow and Aion's fights.
  • He often uses the word "Hence" .
  • In the game, it is show that his myumon form is
  • he is seen holding a cigarette, it's unknown if he really smokes.
  • If he does, it would indicated that he is at least 20 years old. As Japan laws states that people aging 20 above can smoke.
  • It is revealed in season 2(episode 6) he has a job in a hobby shop. Because of this job, he managed to save up money to buy ryukenden as seen in the manga. Ryukenden cost 280,000 sound dollars(way more expensive than Crow's Guitar).

Gallery Edit

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